Our Expertise
It is challenging to align technology with business. We take away this headache and provides you with optimized virtual systems on a cutting edge technology.
With Technical experts on board we provide expertise on
SharePoint, Mobile and App Development
Microsoft SharePoint 2010-2016

We provide services and solutions that are centered about the productive use of SharePoint.  Our Team has years of experience on a variety of SharePoint on-prem, office 365 projects.  Multiple deployments, from simple to complex using business case scenarios. Read more on our sub-site awe-gmint.com


Collaborate using SharePoint.  Form groups that have no physical barriers.

Business Intelligence

Manage your business more effectively using SharePoint.

Content Management

Manage your multiple forms of content with SharePoint.

Application Integration

Integrate your third party applications into SharePoint, enabling a company wide view of your operations.


Impact communication between employees with the online tools in SharePoint.

Browser Accessibility

​Access SharePoint with the common browsers: Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari.


Setup Business-One Drive to synchronize data between On-Prem and O365,

Access One-Drive on smart phones or laptop. With controlled user-access,

Share-Site and Documents

Share-sub-sites and Documents with customers, vendors or temp employees


Create power full workflow, or simple like "New Hire request" . Track where or what is happening with the new employee hiring process. Or Submit Expense report.

Public Facing Website

Embed your SharePoint with your Public facing website to change content on daily basis for e.g updated Item price list.

Applications AND More

Create forms, applications to merge current data into powerful dashboard.

Schedule, create tasks, Discuss projects with timelines-alerts and much more..

Tell us about your vision or current issues, we will provide free consultation with possible solutions at no Charge.

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Application Development

Our engineers are persistent developing user-friendly web pages. Understanding and integrating latest technologies like Mobile Games, Augmented Reality, IoT, Java, Salesforce, Ruby on rails, Microsoft.NET, C, C#, Laravel, various Open-source technology, and App store optimization. We develop native or web applications in mobile according to the need and requirement of our customers. Build solution with Big-data or in-memory database is part of our expertise.

To satisfy our customers, we have various options from on-site/off-site expertise which works hourly/weekly/monthly or on a full-time basis to help you in the short term and long term projects. We provide best in class IT related services as per the industry standards. Our mission is to best and cost effective solutions for development services to our clients.